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A person with the right manners and the right social graces always stands out. They outshine their peers, and are far more likely to succeed in any endeavor they undertake.

Through BOSS I have helped thousands of young people and adults to transform themselves from shy and insecure into confident, successful, and commanding individuals. I have had the privilege to see how confidence and know-how can completely change a life…. And I would like to do the same for you.

To that end I have created e-books and on line courses specially designed to enrich the lives and interactions of youth and business professionals. These books are filled with tips and techniques to help them make the most of their wardrobe; their posture; their deportment and help them recognize the importance of etiquette in their interactions - both personal and professional.

I encourage you to browse my products, and/or contact me, to see how I can help you to…. Transform Your Image….Increase Your Profits….Polish Your Etiquette!

Packaged for Success

A 3 month Membership Course

1A first impression lasts a lifetime! This three-month course will teach you how to use style, etiquette, and poise to put your best possible self forward.

You will learn how to build trust, make great impressions, and command respect. Create an image and style that helps you move swiftly to your goals. You will also learn how to carry yourself well, dress well, and look great on any budget.

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Delightful Dining:

2Good reputations are made…. And broken at the dining table! Whether you are going to a business power lunch or a romantic tête-a-tête, the way you present yourself can help you form lasting, respectful relationships. This witty, fast-paced book teaches you what you need to know to be a hit at any dining-table. Delightful Dining shows you how to navigate utensils; identify stemware; be the perfect host or guest; when to start eating; it also tells you what to do if you are the honored guest and recipient of a toast and gives directions to set your table with style.

Awaken Your Charismatic Spirit:

3Discover how to tap into your inner source of charm, charisma, and confidence! Awaken your Charismatic Spirit is designed to teach you how to bring your most elegant and delightful inner self to the surface. You will learn how to make your relationships blossom, and understand why some relationships work better than others. You’ll find out what your ‘animal essence’ is and how to use it.

From Classroom to Career:

49 Simple Steps to help you acquire the skills necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency by being fully prepared to present yourself in the best possibility light in this very competitive job market.

101 Tips:

4Discover the secrets to creating a more dynamic you, secrets that will help you to present yourself with more authority and authenticity; secrets that will allow you to Transform Your Image…Increase Your Profits….Polish your Etiquette and Gain greater overall Success.

Transform Your Image… Increase Your Profits…Polish Your Etiquette