"Joanna Parris is a blessing to this generation and a reminder of the values we have often forgotten, but which enhance our relationships. With etiquette and social graces slowly becoming antiquated, it is refreshing to see that people like her still teach it. I left her class powerfully empowered with more confidence, elegance and flair! - "

Jane Musoke

Nteyafas -Visual Artist/Writer/ Entrepreneur

BOSS – Best Opportunity to Support Self – is a not for profit, charitable organization that specializes in personal development and lifestyle enhancement training through ‘image & etiquette’ courses. We provide workshops, and activities that are designed to address the personal and social developmental needs of youth and professionals. BOSS addresses the needs surrounding etiquette, social skills, mentorship and leadership development.


BOSS was created to provide enriching programs that empower, inspire, equip and enhance the skills of participants, enabling them to maximize their abilities to communicate effectively, work well with others, make sound decisions and solve social problems in a professional and respectful manner. Additionally, BOSS offers instruction ranging from proper posture to dining etiquette and image enhancement. These workshops are conducted in various settings such as schools, business and social environments. Research has shown that when soft skills are developed, they increase a person’s ability to excel academically, achieve greater success and become strong, ethical leaders who not only enrich their own lives, but that of their communities.

Mission Statement

BOSS’s mission is to encourage academic success, build self-esteem and enhance social conduct and professional presence. Our programs are designed to develop outstanding first impressions, and build self confidence with the intention of developing leaders within our community.


Knowledge creates opportunities, mainly because we are ready and prepared. At BOSS we strive to introduce the social skills, personal development and leadership training that are often acquired later in life. We believe that lack of manners and leadership skills often creates barriers to personal achievement. We offer opportunities that fill the gaps of the knowledge between text books and success; by providing the tools and techniques required to transition into empowered, skilled, savvy youth and business professionals who will attain a higher quality of life than that to which they at first aspired, or thought possible.


BOSS aims to:

  • provide workshops in a safe environment that is conducive to personal development and growth
  • offer participants an opportunity to freely express themselves through creative and social activities
  • provide an opportunity for self-assessment and discovery
  • assist participants with their personal and professional growth and development
  • help guide participants in making sound and informed choices to support their advancement toward success
  • partner with other organizations to enhance our program offerings Learning Outcomes

Benefits to Participants:

  • interact and communicate appropriately with peers in academic, business and social environments
  • solve conflicts in a respectful, win-win manner
  • present themselves professionally for employment interviews and other opportunities
  • confidently and appropriately interact with authority figures
  • dress appropriately for every occasion
  • dine with finesse
  • demonstrate leadership qualities that will enhance their chances in both social and business arenas

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese proverb

Transform Your Image… Increase Your Profits…Polish Your Etiquette